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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Special EM-TC Meeting today 5pm

I understand, Art,

For my part, the motivation is not so much to accommodate the needs 
of FEMA, for which I think we've done our best, but to get us back on 
a normal schedule next week. Otherwise, we can't settle this until 
next Tuesday at the regularly scheduled TC meeting, after which we 
still need to complete the SC work, and either wait ANOTHER two weeks 
for the next TC meeting to vote on the Committee Draft or else call a 
Special Meeting for the following week (three weeks from now) for the 
vote to take it into the 60-Day Public Review. This scenario pushes 
the Public Review into a March-April timeframe. So, if we can't deal 
with this fairly and expeditiously now, we're looking at another 
three or four weeks with this profile sitting in the middle of our 
schedules, and that's what I'd like to avoid.

Just to remind everyone, we made similar adjustments for EDXL-HAVE 
and EDXL-RM last fall, and we've made similar adjustments either 
accommodating special meetings or delaying decisions for EDXL-DE and 
for the CAP 1.1 errata.

While I'm sure we would all prefer that our processes ran more 
smoothly, experience indicates that we make adjustments when we feel 
it is necessary. I think this is one of those times. If we can air 
these issues fairly and reach a decision now, we can vote to move 
this work forward to its 60-Day Public Review in our regularly 
scheduled TC meeting next week, and then we can all take a deep 
breath and look forward to the next steps for this effort and for the 
work on its way to us.


At 6:50 AM -0800 2/10/09, Art Botterell wrote:
>I really must protest.  This is the second special meeting on this 
>topic this week, and again we're given less than 24 hours notice. 
>If we're serious about discussing this issue, seems like adequate 
>notice would be essential.
>Anyway, why are we rushing this?  FEMA has already advised us they 
>expect this first Profile development cycle to be only the first in 
>a series of iterations, so surely we have time to follow our usual 
>- Art 
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>Sent: 2/10/2009 5:54:06 AM
>Subject: [emergency] Special EM-TC Meeting today 5pm
>TC Members,
>An EM-TC Meeting today is specially called to discuss two issues that 
>pertain to the CAP Profiles SC.  The SC is seeking guidance from the 
>TC on how to proceed on two items.  Briefly, these are how to 
>indicate the use of response type "avoid" and what of the system 
>specific details need to be included in the profile spec.  More about 
>these two positions later, I just wanted to make everyone aware of 
>this meeting at 5pm EST today.  We are interested in getting a wide 
>hearing in the TC audience on these two topics.  A vote will likely 
>be called.  OASIS staff will be available on the call to provide 
>guidance.  Please reply to this message if cannot make this time.
>Thanks again for all your help in moving this work through so expeditiously.
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