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Subject: CAP-IPAWS Profile Specification Issues: Inclusion of FEMARequirements doc in Appendix

Hi Everyone,

I had hoped to see arguments from both sides of the issue of 
including the FEMA IPAWS CAP Profile Requirements document in 
Appendix B of the CAP IPAWS Profile submitted to the TC last week 
before I explain my position, but I also need to call attention to 
some other parts of the document that I said I would as an ACTION in 
our last CAP Profiles SC meeting, and I want to cover the main issue 
in contention first. So I will be sending another message after this.

I must also say that I took this work on as a subcontractor to OASIS 
in order to facilitate the process, and ONLY to facilitate the 
process. I have not been given any instructions on how the profile 
should be constructed nor has any request been received on any issue 
of substance from FEMA IPAWS PMO representatives except in the open 
meetings of the SC. The request to include this material was made 
openly and I supported it because I think the TC needs to decide the 

One reason I wanted to see an argument in favor of including this 
material is that I don't have a strong opinion in favor or opposed.

As an implementer, I would prefer to have some of the material in the 
specification for ready reference without the necessity of 
downloading another document for that purpose. However, I don't think 
that is a strong enough argument on its own for inclusion.

As a participant in the writing of the specification, I would prefer 
that it be left out because I think it contains far too much material 
that is not especially germane to the profile, such as the last 
section on EAS Technical Specifications aimed at manufacturers of EAS 

So, I will be content to follow the wishes of the TC in this.

One last thought: we usually operate on the basis that when there are 
issues, the advocates must make their own arguments openly. If a 
position is not represented and there has been sufficient advance 
notice concerning a meeting to resolve this issue, the position 
represented is the only one considered, and prevails on that basis, 
so silence implies consent.


Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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