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Subject: Note: Items in CAP IPAWS Profile Specification

Hi Everyone,

There are a few items in the CAPv1.1-IPAWS-Profile-WD05.doc 
specification document I'd like to point out.

In Section 2 in the Profile Note column for responseType we 
"recognize" the non-standard use of the value "Avoid" and note that 
it will not validate against the CAP1.1 schema. This does not 
represent any kind of endorsement and is meant only to show that we 
are aware of the non-standard practice. We decided not to say 
anything more about this because we can't promise that "Avoid" will 
become part of the next version of the standard in any future 
timeframe even though there is general agreement that it will.

In Section 2 in the Profile Specification column for resourceDesc we 
chose to specify "EAS Broadcast" rather than "EAS Audio" and "EAS 
StreamingAudio" to allow for future inclusion of other media types.

In Section 2 in the Profile Specification column for mimeType we made 
these values explicit to avoid ambiguity about existing and possible 
future MIME types.

In Section A (Appendix) we include several Questions in<!-- 
commented--> lines.  We should decide whether to retain the commented 
questions in the Public Review version to gather public review 
opinion or to include restrictions in the schema or provide 
annotations explaining the intention to:

require the TimeZone offset in <dateTime> values;
restrict value in <geocode> to 6 numeric digits (SAME uses 6; 
HazCollect uses 5 which requires deleting the first digit).

NOTE: <elements> REQUIRED in profile, but not in cap1.1, remove 
minOccurs=" " maxOccurs=" " values from the schema; for example:

<element name="eventCode">


P.S. As always, suggestions, corrections, comments, are invited.

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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