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emergency message

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Subject: Re CAP-IPAWS Profile Specification Issues

At today's meeting, the EMTC discussed whether to accept a drafting 
recommendation that the DHS IPAWS requirements be included as an 
appendix to the CAP profile itself as a Committee Draft.

Art opposes that material being included, for reasons stated in 
earlier e-mails.  Which is fine.  But there've also been 
insinuations of inappropiate behavior by those who disagree.  That's 
not fine, and we have to respectfully disagree with Art's assertion 
of an improper conflict here.

The TC can chose to include the material, or not, as it sees fit. 
Sometimes TCs include contributed non-normative material;  sometimes 
they don't.  This is not a policy matter.

But it also was suggested that TC members who are DHS staff or DHS 
contractors are acting improperly, if they favor including the DHS 
material.  That's silly.  Standards committee members are all 
experts, with biases, which they bring into a TC ... to hammer out 
compromises .. which is what we do in standards work.  As long as 
the deliberations are carried out properly and transparently under 
our rules, no-one should be attacked for having an opinion.

It also was suggested that OASIS or its staff has some intent to 
control the TC.  That's silly, too.  The TC is free to make its own 
choices.  Art expressed concern about the contract OASIS made with 
DHS to provide some assistance and information to DHS about the 
spec.  OASIS could not have agreed to a contract that asked us to 
influence or assure the technical decisions made by the TC.  And we 
didn't.  Because we don't have that power.

The contract was not posted to the TC because, for whatever reason, 
the contractor set some rules around how it's disclosed.  Which Art 
and everyone is welcome to pursue.

We respectfully suggest that the TC members focus on the technical 
merits of excluding or including the appendix, rather than impugning 
motives, and then resolve the issue by voting.

Regards JBC

~ James Bryce Clark
~ Director of Standards Development, OASIS
~ http://www.oasis-open.org/who/staff.php#clark

> Friends -
> In the course of today's Emergency Management TC meeting a DHS
> representative expressed the opinion that OASIS is under a contractual
> obligations to expedite the processing of the IPAWS profile over and above
> the OASIS TC Process.  As we've been unable to obtain a copy of that
> contract, and considering that the numerous OASIS staff who were taking an
> active part in our meeting didn't appear to contradict that claim, I guess
> we have to assume that it's true.
> Therefore I'm forced, reluctantly, to the conclusion that this process is
> seriously compromised by conflicts of interest.  I have asked that my name
> be removed from the list of editors of the IPAWS draft and I will be
> considering whether renewing my agency's OASIS membership would be in the
> best interests of the people of Contra Costa County.
> - Art

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