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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-cap-profiles] FEMA IPAWS Note on CAP Profile

Thanks Sukumar,

It's good to have the historical context to go with the current context.


At 2:12 PM -0500 2/19/09, Dwarkanath, Sukumar - INTL wrote:
>Following a request from the FEMA IPAWS Program, I am forwarding the 
>below statement.
>  History:
>- In short, per the FCC's 2nd Report & Order in 12 Jul 07, the FCC 
>deferred adoption of standards and protocols for the EAS system to 
>FEMA.  A 180-day implementation clock starts for industry upon 
>FEMA's adoption of its standards and protocols.
>- On 30 Jul 08, FEMA announced in a press release that it will be 
>working with its federal, state, local and industry partners, 
>including OASIS, to develop its standards and protocols.  At that 
>time, FEMA gave notice to the community that it intends on adopting 
>its standards and protocols by 1QCY09, or 31 Mar 09.
>- On 25 Sep 08, the EAS-CAP Industry Group (ECIG) published its 
>draft CAP Profile.
>- On 22 Oct 08, FEMA and DHS S&T conducted a teleconference with the 
>ECIG and discussed our plans and activities with them, including the 
>OASIC process.
>- On 12 Dec 08, FEMA published a draft Profile Requirements document 
>to the OASIS Profiles Sub-Committee and to the ECIG and the ATIS/TIA 
>Joint CMAS standard development working group.  The FEMA draft 
>Profile Requirements document addressed only one exchange partner 
>system, namely EAS.
>- Since 12 Dec 08, the OASIS Profiles SC has been adjudicating 
>contributions from FEMA, DHS S&T, from within the SC (including NOAA 
>and HazCollect), and from subject matter experts from the ECIG and 
>ATIS/TIA to develop a draft IPAWS CAP Profile.  FEMA welcomed the 
>expansion of scope for the Profile development to include other 
>exchange partner systems by including CMAS and HazCollect in 
>addition to EAS.
>FEMA and DHS S&T acknowledge that not every community member is 
>aware of the OASIS process or is able to participate in the OASIS 
>process.  We have been engaging Emergency Managers via a separate 
>Practitioners Working Group (PWG) and plan to engage Industry via a 
>separate Industry Engagement Day (IED) later this month.  We have 
>asked the PWG to provide comments on the original Profile 
>Requirements document from Dec 08.  We intend to adjudicate all 
>comments on the Profile Requirements document in order to refine the 
>Profile Requirements document.  Further, as the OASIS Profile 
>document has developed, that document has addressed many of the 
>matters from the Profile Requirements document.  We intend on 
>offering all comments to the FEMA Profile Requirements document as 
>contributions to the OASIS Profiles SC to help shape the OASIS IPAWS 
>CAP Profile as well.
>FEMA's goal is to fulfill its responsibilities under the FCC's 2nd 
>R&O to adopt standards and protocols for the Next-Generation EAS 
>system.  The OASIS standards-making process offers a public, open, 
>fair, and rigorous forum for gathering and adjudicating all 
>contributions from all members of the community.  The community 
>requests a single CAP message for use among multiple dissemination 
>systems, which we have called exchange partners.  We welcome 
>contributions from the whole community in order to develop a 
>singular OASIS IPAWS CAP Profile that will address constraints on 
>the CAP v1.1 standard among all exchange partners.
>It is FEMA's responsibility to publish its standards and protocols. 
> FEMA will consider and adjudicate the OASIS IPAWS CAP Profile as 
>appropriate in preparation for its adoption of standards and 
>protocols for the Next-Generation EAS.  FEMA recognizes that the 
>FCC's 2nd R&O does not require standards and protocols to be 
>published at this time regarding security, multiple languages, 
>alerts & warnings of special needs communities, or of video media 
>types.  Hence, we feel that it is reasonable to consider adopting 
>the OASIS IPAWS CAP Profile as part of its pending standards and 
>protocols.  Note, however, in accordance with statements made 
>publicly, that FEMA intends on pursuing the development of 
>additional requirements to address any outstanding issues for NG-EAS 
>Sukumar Dwarkanath
>SRA International
>1920 N Street NW
>Washington DC 20002
>202-449-7761 (direct)
>703-629-4074 (mobile)
>202-338-6106 (fax)
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>proprietary. The information is intended for the use of the 
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>recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or 
>use of the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. If 
>you have received this electronic information in error, please 
>notify SRA immediately by telephone at 866-584-2143.

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
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Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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