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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] CAP-IPAWS Profile

Yes, It has been scheduled from 11-1 but figure since the TC time is 
normally 12, that we should go with that.  I am fine to make the 
change to 11 if you all prefer.  Elysa

At 08:21 AM 2/20/2009, Bob Bunge wrote:

>Wasn't the SC meeting normally at 11am eastern?
>Elysa Jones wrote:
>>As of now, I have heard from 8 of 14 voting members that they can 
>>make a call on Friday 2/20 (tomorrow).  I want to be sure we have 
>>not posed a hardship for anyone that wants to attend.
>>Since I have not heard from more, I would like to suggest that we 
>>have the meeting on Tues which is normally a time when folks have 
>>that time blocked  to work on the Profiles SC meeting.  If this is 
>>ok with you and no one else voices a complaint, I will schedule the 
>>EM-TC meeting for Tuesday Feb 24 at 12:00 EST.
>>All members please respond if this time is not good for you.
>>Thank you,
>>At 09:26 AM 2/18/2009, tferrentino@verizon.net wrote:
>>>Could you please schedule a TC meeting sooner rather than later to 
>>>continue the work of advancing the Profile subcommittee work to a 
>>>Committee Draft and on to Public Comment?
>>>I would like to suggest 1:00 PM EST after the Adoption SC meeting 
>>>on Friday Feb 20.
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