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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] FEMA IPAWS Note on CAP Profile

3) Our Chair for the Profiles subcommittee was not just a DHS
contractor, but one directly staffing DHS S&T on IPAWS standards issues.
And his loyalty to his employer is unquestionable; he's admitted, with
commendable candor, that he's made presentations to other groups at the
behest of S&T that were contradictory to what he knew was the direction
of the OASIS subcommittee he chaired


I do need to correct this for the record - I have not made any
presentations that were contradictory nor were they requested. I am not
sure about your reference but every time I have spoken about the OASIS
process to other groups, I have highlighted that the timeframes are only
estimates. It is very simple and there is not much to read into it - we
need to prepare slides much ahead in advance and therefore need to
estimate timeframes. 



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