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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Fwd: [emergency-msg] Groups - CAP v1.2 SC Working Draft 04 to 05 (emergency-CAPv1.2

> section 3.2.  It appears that virtually everything in that section has been modified, which I'm
> sure isn't actually the case.  I wonder if it might be possible to get a redline version with just
> the actual changes in red?

In the data dictionary, since its a table, because of how Word tracked the changes, even the addition/removal of a space or a period resulted in the whole row being redlined.   I could try to reformat it to get around this but it may be several hours work and I don't know how soon I could get to it.  I wasn't happy with this and noted it in the document notes on Kavi.  If anyone has some suggestions on how to correct this easily, please let me know.

> 1) Is the explicit definition of the dateTime type usage really a Normative Reference (section
> 1.6)?

Its being moved here since it defines a specific format for those elements.  Reviewing the definitions of Terminology vs Normative References, it seemed more appropriate to be moved here.  I suggested it be moved but am of no strong opinion either way.

> 2) Why are we adding quotes around the language in section 2.6?  What's being quoted?

I assume you mean 2.3?  The quotes are actually being removed from CAP 1.1, not added.

> 3) Obviously the Acknowlegements section isn't finished.

The Acknowledgements section in draft 05 has been updated with the current roster of the EM-TC.  If there are some who are missing, I can update this list again.

> 4) Why are all the "By Whom" values other than Jacob Westfall removed from the Change History?

The version history for this document is all that is being reflected.  I took Rex's advice on this. Should I check with Mary on how to do this instead?


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