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Subject: Re: [emergency] CAP 1.2 numbering?

> I'm told that at the NAB convention in Las Vegas last week, Tom Beers of the FCC expressed some
> concern about using CAP 1.2 because the Commission's Report and Order on EAS specified CAP 1.1. 
> ("Technology advances, but Law persists.")  He reportedly suggested calling it "CAP 1.1a" instead.

The R&O also did not mention the IPAWS profile which presumably will also be a requirement.  So while the R&O may not be followed to the letter, adopting the IPAWS Profile using CAP 1.2 will certainly respect the intent.  I imagine DHS/FEMA could also request an ammendment to the R&O to bring it up-to-date, perhaps filling in some other important details for the broadcast community as well.


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