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emergency message

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Subject: Call-in number for CAP Implementation Workshop on Identifiers

EM-TC Members,

The call-in number is +41 22 730 8973 for the CAP workshop in 
Geneva.  They are just now getting into some detailed discussions and 
I welcome anyone that can to listen in.  Recall as we agreed in our 
meeting, that anyone participating is doing so as an individual and 
not representing the consensus of the TC.  We will work the ideas 
through our committee as we can.  As I receive any documents that may 
become available during the workshop, they will be posed in the 
resource folder of the EM-TC documents.


>Hello Elysa,
>The line will be available throughout the meeting times: Monday and 
>Tuesday, 9-5 Geneva time (7-3 UTC). The Work Plan is at 

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