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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] RE: Geo-GIS subcommittee call tomorrow.

> Of course China uses GPS and deploys applications in which the WGS 84 CRS is 
> used. However, as in the US - and most countries for that matter - many 
> local, regional, and even national geo-applications use other geoids and 

I can certainly understand they may want to enforce a common CRS for all government data sources, surveying, engineering, transport, etc.  What I was interested in is how this chinese law/polcy accounts for interoperability between international systems and formats?

> mandates that cadastral data be good to well less than one meter. Would your 
> property lines to be off by a meter? And talk to any oil company getting 
> ready to drill a new well. Given the exacting requirements of directional 

Of course, that's why there are more accurate CRS's available.  With regards to Emergency Management needs though, is there a requirement for accuracy greater than 1 meter?  It would be interesting to hear if there are some identified use cases.

I'll try to attend the meeting but have missed past meetings because Friday's are usually packed for me.


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