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Subject: RE: [emergency] RE: Geo-GIS subcommittee call tomorrow.

EM use cases requiring high precision positioning accuracy include
seismic and other vibration sensors like volcanic warning systems.
Similarly sensors which can monitor the structural integrity of dams and
bridges (i.e. structural failure monitoring) typically need 1-5 cm
resolution. Hydrography applications for monitoring water levels
including flood levels and Tsunami warning would need <1m of altitude
resolution (remember most of the wave is below the waters surface until
it's too late).


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From: Jacob Westfall [mailto:jake@jpw.biz] 
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2009 2:36 PM
To: emergency@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [emergency] RE: Geo-GIS subcommittee call tomorrow.

> Of course China uses GPS and deploys applications in which the WGS 84
CRS is 
> used. However, as in the US - and most countries for that matter -
> local, regional, and even national geo-applications use other geoids

I can certainly understand they may want to enforce a common CRS for all
government data sources, surveying, engineering, transport, etc.  What I
was interested in is how this chinese law/polcy accounts for
interoperability between international systems and formats?

> mandates that cadastral data be good to well less than one meter.
Would your 
> property lines to be off by a meter? And talk to any oil company
> ready to drill a new well. Given the exacting requirements of

Of course, that's why there are more accurate CRS's available.  With
regards to Emergency Management needs though, is there a requirement for
accuracy greater than 1 meter?  It would be interesting to hear if there
are some identified use cases.

I'll try to attend the meeting but have missed past meetings because
Friday's are usually packed for me.


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