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emergency message

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Subject: Face to Face Meeting


We will have an EM-TC Face to Face meeting at the OASIS Emergency 
Interop Summit in Baltimore, MD Sept 29, from 8-11am.  There should 
be a conference line available which will be posted to the Kavi site 
as well as the final agenda.  The details for the event 
location/hotel/etc can be found on the events site of the OASIS home page.

During our last TC meeting, we discussed some of the topics we would 
like to see address during the meeting.  Some of those suggestions are:

1.  A review of all EM-TC efforts and their current status
2.  A review of the Adoption-TC structure and charter
3.  Plans for work and tentative time lines for the remainder of this 
calendar year and beyond
4.  EDXL-DE moderated work session - discuss lessons learned in 
usage, identify key requirements for DE 1.1 (We are planning this from 10-11).

Please post any suggested agenda topics for the meeting.  Also let me 
know if you will be joining in person or by phone


Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO, Warning Systems, Inc.


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