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emergency message

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Subject: Fwd: A thank you letter from FEMA to OASIS


Please see the email below and the attached letter from the DHS/FEMA/IPAWS Program Office.  Your hard work to develop the IPAWS Profile Committee Specification is acknowledged at the highest levels.  Many thanks to those of you in the CAP Profiles Subcommittee and the Emergency Management Technical Committee as a whole for the hard work on this Specification.

Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102


Dear Elysa
On behalf of Antwane Johnson, IPAWS Director, and Damon Penn, Assistant Administrator of IPAWS, I am sending you a thank you letter for leading the great work of OASIS in developing the IPAWS profile.
Mr. Johnson would be grateful if you would share this letter, as well as our gratitude with all the members of your Committee.
Kind regards,
Lisa A. Suits
Integrated Public Alert and Warning System
Program Management Office
(202) 646-4328 (o)
(202) 646-7393 (f)
(202) 316 8799 (mob)

Penn Thank you letter to OASIS.pdf

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