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Subject: EDXL-HAVE issues found (for review / answer)

One of our engineers has been looking closely at the EDXL-HAVE standard and has some comments / questions:


(1) The XLink schema files distributed by OGC (the Open Geospatial

Consortium) and OASIS conflict.  According to [0], the only present workaround is to edit the schema files locally, which makes me very uncomfortable.


(2) My interpretation of the description of the intention of the <BedType> element conflicts with the schema.  The schema is more than happy to accept this snippet in an otherwise valid EDXL-HAVE document:






      <have:SubCategoryBedType>foo, etc.</have:SubCategoryBedType>













In particular, I can't reconcile this with the normative constraints of <Capacity> and <SubCategoryBedType> listed in section 3.2.4 of the standard (and with the non-normative diagram in section 3.1).  To which <BedType> element(s) and/or <SubCategoryBedType> element(s) do the <Capacity> elements refer?


Note that the example of <SubCategoryBedType> elements on page 27 of the standard is not valid (for several reasons), and therefore of marginal use as an example.


Can these comments / questions get reviewed and answered?




Timothy D. Gilmore | SAIC

Senior Test Engineer | ILPSG | NIMS SC | NIMS STEP

phone: 606.274.2063 | fax: 606.274.2012

mobile: 606.219.7882 | email: gilmoret@us.saic.com  

P Please consider the environment before printing this email.



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