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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] EDXL-HAVE issues found (for review / answer)


Yikes.  Looks like we need to provide implementation guidelines here in lieu of changing the schema.

I'm not sure what people had in mind in making BedType repeatable within BedCapacity - when really you'd expect a one-to-one to Capacity within BedType/SubCategory(s).

Unless Capacity was intended to be either / or - Total capacity only - and not broken out by BedType.

I suspect that may be the case here - since specific bed type is kinda a squishy volatile value if the assigning in my wifes hospital locally here is anything to go by!!!

In either case we could take care of this by giving instructions on how to treat this - and show a couple of use case examples.

Thanks, DW

p.s. does SubCategoryBedType REALLY allow mixed content!?!?! Double yikes!
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [emergency] EDXL-HAVE issues found (for review / answer)
From: "Gilmore, Timothy" <TIMOTHY.D.GILMORE@saic.com>
Date: Fri, November 06, 2009 8:15 am
To: <emergency@lists.oasis-open.org>
Cc: "Dwarkanath, Sukumar - INTL" <Sukumar_Dwarkanath@sra.com>, "Rex
Brooks" <rexb@starbourne.com>

One of our engineers has been looking closely at the EDXL-HAVE standard and has some comments / questions:

(1) The XLink schema files distributed by OGC (the Open Geospatial

Consortium) and OASIS conflict.  According to [0], the only present workaround is to edit the schema files locally, which makes me very uncomfortable.


(2) My interpretation of the description of the intention of the <BedType> element conflicts with the schema.  The schema is more than happy to accept this snippet in an otherwise valid EDXL-HAVE document:






      <have:SubCategoryBedType>foo, etc.</have:SubCategoryBedType>













In particular, I can't reconcile this with the normative constraints of <Capacity> and <SubCategoryBedType> listed in section 3.2.4 of the standard (and with the non-normative diagram in section 3.1).  To which <BedType> element(s) and/or <SubCategoryBedType> element(s) do the <Capacity> elements refer?


Note that the example of <SubCategoryBedType> elements on page 27 of the standard is not valid (for several reasons), and therefore of marginal use as an example.

Can these comments / questions get reviewed and answered?
Timothy D. Gilmore | SAIC
Senior Test Engineer | ILPSG | NIMS SC | NIMS STEP
phone: 606.274.2063 | fax: 606.274.2012
mobile: 606.219.7882 | email: gilmoret@us.saic.com  
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