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emergency message

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Subject: EM-TC Meeting Reminder - Quorum is needed!


There WILL be an EM-TC meeting tomorrow December 22, 2009 as 
scheduled at 12:00 ET.  Please be prepared for the following agenda:

1.  Review/correct/accept meeting notes for 11/24/09 and 
12/8/09.  These are in first draft review and will be posted by mid morning.

2.  CAP 1.2.  This document along with the issue list was posted to 
the TC for review by Jacob 12/13/09 after being voted out of the 
Msg/Not SC.  There will be three votes; 1) To accept as a Committee 
Draft, 2) To recognize there are or are not substantive changes and 
3) to request OASIS TC Admin to start a ballot for a Committee 
Specification vote.

3.  HAVE/RM Errata.  While we have completed the 15-day PR on both of 
these Standards, before they will be listed as an "Approved Errata" 
according to our process, the TC needs to have a majority 
vote.  Please review the documents posted on the EM-TC site, 
Specifications folder.  Both the updated document and the tracked 
changes document are posted there for HAVE and RM.

4.  EM-TC Public page update.  Werner has done a great job updating 
our public page that was woefully out of date.  He has sent a copy to 
the list and posted it in the contribution folder in the TC documents 
12/14.  Please have any corrections or changes to this or otherwise 
be prepared to accept them.

5.  The RIM SC has made some changes to the Welcome to the RIM 
document and would like the TC to accept these changes.  The links 
were posted by Rex to the list 12/17 with a request for the TC to advance.

Thank you for all your hard work this year in promoting emergency 
Standards!  Let's finish out the year with this completing this 
agenda and looking forward to the opportunities of 2010.

Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO Warning Systems, Inc.

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