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Subject: RE: [Fwd: [emergency] Questions on ASN.1 and IPAWS Profile / CAP 1.2]


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> From: Jacob Westfall [mailto:jake@jpw.biz] 
> Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 09:46
> To: rexb@starbourne.com
> Cc: tony@yaanatech.com; TIMOTHY.D.GILMORE@saic.com; 
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> Subject: Re: [Fwd: [emergency] Questions on ASN.1 and IPAWS 
> Profile / CAP 1.2]
> > representation of CAP 1.1 was. That  was why I said that 
> this was the 
> > "first time I heard ASN.1 encoded CAP messages in relation to any 
> > US-specific implementation..."
> I too have not heard of any US specific implementation, but 
> I've also not heard of any European ones either :)  Actually 
> outside of the H.323 work is anyone else aware of CAP ASN.1 
> implementations, it would be good to know as a reference and 
> to get their feedback on any problems and areas of improvement.
> The original question I believe was regarding XML to ASN.1 
> translations and the IPAWS Profile.  While the IPAWS Profile 
> doesn't have any explicit references to ASN.1, it also 
> doesn't contain anything specific to XML only, and there 
> should be nothing that prevents ASN.1 encodings of IPAWS 
> Profile messages.  I have little experience with ASN.1 
> however and would certainly be willing to work with anyone 
> who has ASN.1 expertise to test and prove this.
> Regarding XML to ASN.1 translations, while it should be 
> possible, there is a concern here.  One of the major reasons 
> for CAP 1.2 was correcting the schema to include XML Digital 
> Signatures/Encryption.  However DSig's don't translate over 
> into ASN.1.  So if you were translating from XML to ASN.1 the 
> DSig will be lost and some other, probably transport related, 
> security mechanisms would be needed.  Translating back to XML 
> from ASN.1 would be even more problematic as you would have 
> to resign the XML message for DSig, and if you were to 
> compare the original XML DSig to the translated XML DSig they 
> would not match.  Again though, take my comments with a grain 
> of salt.  I'd certainly like to see if there is someone with 
> ASN.1 expertise who would be willing to also test this out.

I think it's unlikely, but not impossible, that a signature would survive a
round-trip between XML and PER.


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