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emergency message

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Subject: TC Call today and other info on KAVI problems


There has been a hick-up on the OASIS site and there are both calendar and documents posted to our subcommittee sections that belong to the DITA TC.  OASIS is working on this problem and will have it resolved as soon as possible.  It does not affect the TC page but does affect all our SCs.  Sorry if you are getting this more than once but needed to copy to all SCs.

At our last meeting I asked that all SC chairs confirm their dial in details for the coming year.  The TC number that is posted for today's call is correct and verified for all of our biweekly meetings for 2010 from 12-1 ET.  If you are a SC chair/co-chair you must also do that.  Contact Colleen Apt to verify your SC numbers. 

On another note - if we have a quorum on todays call AND have three companies that are willing to provide a statement of use for CAP 1.2, we can vote for OASIS to run the TC ballot to request an OASIS Standard vote at the SAME time as the CS ballot is running!  I just learned this today when talking to Mary about our troubles on the site.  The OASIS Standard ballot will be contingent, of course on the CS ballot completing with a full majority vote.  If we are able to do this today, both ballots could run simultaneously and we could get the paperwork to OASIS by the 15th of January which will be required for the OASIS-wide standard vote to run beginning in February.  Otherwise, we will be delayed another month.

I know there are several companies that are prepared to submit statements of use, Warning Systems, Inc. is prepared to do so.  Are there two others?

See you on the call at 12 ET at the number posted in KAVI,

Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102

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