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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] Face to Face Meetings - NEED FUNDING/COMMITMENT

Rex et. al-
I can provide meetingplace for the three all-day sessions if needed.  I just can't provide 800 number access.

Office: 315-838-2669
Cell: 315-383-1197

-----Original Message-----
From: Rex Brooks [mailto:rexb@starbourne.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 12:52 PM
To: Elysa Jones
Cc: emergency@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [emergency] Face to Face Meetings - NEED FUNDING/COMMITMENT

HI Elysa,

As usual, I have no means for travel and my constituencies are likewise unable to provide such. Also, due to my Cardiologist's schedule, I have had to schedule an appointment for 2/4. So even if I can find travel funding, I won't be able to hang around for the conference.

If I find funding, I would need to schedule my return departure for Tuesday, Feb 2.

I have no problem phoning in, provided my DSL line for Vonage doesn't fail. If that happens, I'm toast unless we have a toll-free number for which I can use Skype on my cable connection.

We should check with Don McGarry to see if he can arrange to provide Cisco MeetingPace support. I suspect that three all-day sessions would be impossible, but we may be able to use dimdim. It gets squirrelly over long connection times, so collaboration could be spotty. However, its better than nothing. Closing down and restarting dimdim is relatively simple and uncomplicated...

If the phone works and we have MeetingPlace, I can work from home fairly efficiently.

> Friends,
> As you know we have been planning and hoping for some extended F2F 
> meetings to be held along with the upcoming TCIP conference.  The 
> purpose of these sessions is to further the technical work on 
> Situation Reporting and the Distribution Element.  We had hoped and 
> have need for 2 full days for Sit-rep and one full day for the DE.
> While much good work is done in the conference calls, it has been our 
> experience that meeting face to face for an extended period typically 
> allows us the time to make huge progress.  Both the Msg/Not SC for Sit 
> Rep and If SC for the DE felt they were ready for such a session.
> We have learned that DHS/S&T will be able to provide one full day of 
> meeting rooms on Monday 1/1/09 at the TCIP conference.  No other 
> support for travel, expenses or amenities for the room are going to be 
> available.  I am willing to bring a speaker phone, overhead PC 
> projector and Evotechs is able to provide a VOIP phone line for the 
> day if the hotel cost for a phone is prohibitive.  The hotel has 
> meeting rooms over the prior weekend that I could secure for $500 per 
> day and the hotel rooms are $153 per night.  I am going to continue to 
> pursue any funding source available to try to get the full time we 
> need to move our work forward.
> The Sit/Rep group have agreed to provide their time all day Sat and 
> Sun to further their work.  Given the lack of funding, I'm asking this 
> group two things:  1) Are you or your companies willing to also fund 
> your travel and expenses to go to Philadelphia on Fri, work Sat and 
> Sun on this Specification?  2) Do you know of any organization that 
> will help with funding any part of this, e.g., meals, travel, rooms?
> The DE meeting will be all day on the Monday prior to the conference.  
> Again two questions 1) are you able to attend this meeting from 8-5 on 
> 1/1/10?  2) Are you aware of any organization that would help fund any 
> part of this?
> Many agencies and of course the public serve to benefit by the work we 
> are doing in the Emergency Management Technical Committee, DHS/S&T, 
> DHS/FEMA, D0D, DNDO, NOAA/NWS, DHS/CIO, Environment Canada as well as 
> all the member companies.  We have the OASIS Member Section (MS) that 
> is structured to allow for any organization to put money in the MS to 
> further the work of the technical standards.  I will likely be able to 
> get the Member Section to provide $2,500 toward the meeting rooms for 
> the weekend and possibly some food during the sessions.  That is the 
> full amount currently budgeted for technical work given the money we 
> have.  However, I will lobby for more during our meeting this Friday.
> We are not asking for money to pay travel expenses for those already 
> planning to attend TCIP, just for those who are not.  We are asking 
> for money to support the meeting rooms, hotel rooms and expenses 
> associated with the travel.  For the key participants, my rough 
> estimation is $8,500 to conduct both Sit/Rep and DE technical 
> sessions.  The DE only would be on the order of 2,500.  These are very 
> rough estimates as I do not know how many of your are able to find 
> some funding source on your own.
> If you are a key contributor on either of these Specifications, please 
> let me know the following:
> 1) are you planning to attend TCIP in any case?
> 2) do you have funding to cover the full day meeting on 1/1/10?
> 3) do you have funding to cover the full days 1/30, 1/31 (Sat/Sun)?
> Question to all:
> 4) do you know of any company or organization that is willing to share 
> in these expenses to promote the important work of Open Standards for 
> Emergency Management
> Thank you for all the hard work you do.  I know much, if not all of it 
> for many of us, is volunteer time for which we have no contract 
> support.  Your contributions are invaluable and are making the world a 
> better place by promoting the open exchange of data sharing.
> Kind regards,
> Elysa Jones, Chair
> CTO Warning Systems, Inc.
> 256-880-8702 x102
> 256-694-8702 mobile
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Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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