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Subject: Face to Face clarification

TC Members, 

I just want to be sure that everyone understands that the face to face meeting being planned for Philadelphia is not a TC meeting for which attendance is counted.  The Sat/Sun sessions are work sessions for the Msg/Not SC working on sit-rep and the Mon session is for the Infrastructure SC working on the DE.  You will not be penalized with respect to your voting status in the TC if you do not attend.

Of course all TC members are welcomed and encouraged to attend and contribute.  If you plan to attend, please be up to speed on the work of the SC.  All input is welcomed but we do not want to slow the progress of the group by going over old ground.  All work in the SC is voted out of the SC and then presented to the TC for review and voting.  I am hopeful that we will have toll free lines available for all work sessions and you are welcomed to dial in.  Stay tuned for further details.


Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102
256-694-8702 cell

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