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Subject: CAP 1.2 draft

	Mary from OASIS has confirmed that the TC can produce a new draft of CAP 1.2 that removes XML Encryption and that will only be subject to a 15 day public review, not a 60.  Making this change and conducting this additional public review will further delay the CAP 1.2 standardization process by 1-2 months.  On the TC call today there seemed to be widespread agreement on pursuing this course of action.

	The change proposed on the call today was to simply remove the <any> element for xmlenc from the schema.  However I'm suggesting to the group that is not enough.  The specification itself speaks to XML Encryption and was the original problem with CAP 1.1  Its valid according to the normative alert message structure in the specification but was left out of the schema.  I believe any sections referring to XML Encryption need to be removed from the alert message structure as well in order to be fully valid.  To that end, I am suggesting that in addition to the schema change:

- XMLENC be removed from section 1.6 Normative References
- The second paragraph of section 3.3.4 lines 268-273 be removed
- Section be removed

	Does the group have any concerns regarding the removal of these sections?  If not, then I will prepare a red-line version of Committee Draft 04 and the schema for review and consideration at an upcoming meeting.


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