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emergency message

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Subject: EIC Meeting on Wednesday 24 February

>The February meeting of the Emergency Interoperability Consortium 
>will take place at 2:00-4:00 pm on Wednesday 24 February.  The 
>face-to-face portion will occur at the Farragut Office Center, 
>located at 1725 I (Eye) St NW, Washington, DC.  That is very near 
>the Farragut West Metro station.
>Note that this meeting will include a webinar presentation.  The 
>attached agenda includes a website for you to register for the 
>webinar in advance of the meeting.  In addition, there is also a 
>link to a recent article by Gary Ham.  Gary will be discussing his 
>article, and is offering a Q&A period during this meeting.  You are 
>encouraged to download a copy ahead of time and read through it.
>Please RSVP to Tom Fahy, the EIC Secretary, if you plan to 
>participate.  We need a head count for refreshments at the 
>face-to-face portion, and to validate the number of lines we have 
>set aside for those who plan to dial in.  Tom's e-mail address is on 
>the attached agenda.
>We look forward to everyone's participation at this meeting, as we 
>prepare to begin a new EIC fiscal year.
>Don Ponikvar
>Donald R. Ponikvar, PhD
>Emergency Interoperability Consortium
>Voice: 202-254-7530
>Fax:  202-254-7751
>Blackberry:  202-368-4922

EIC 02 24 10 Meeting Agenda.doc

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