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emergency message

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Subject: EDXL-HAVE

Dear Mary,

It has come to the attention of the EM-TC that people have been using 
an early version of the EDXL-HAVE schema (prior to PR3).  This 
version was apparently found using an Internet search engine.  There 
are at least four independent developers that found the schema this 
way.  This problem stresses the need for a more effective tool to 
manage and find correct information on the OASIS site.

The EDXL-HAVE 1.0 Standard and recently approved Errata schema is 
correct but it is different from what has been used in the recent 
deployment in Haiti by the HAVE developers mentioned above.  We will 
post a note on our TC Home page calling attention to this fact.  In 
addition, Evolution Technologies is developing a translation that can 
be used by those who have been using the wrong schema.  We will 
provide a note or bulletin on our TC home page referencing that xslt 
for those using the wrong schema.


Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO, Warning Systems, Inc.

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