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emergency message

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Subject: Reminder - OASIS Meetings Today

There are three consecutive meetings today (IF-SC 11-12, EM-TC 12-1, 
Msg/Not-SitRep 1-2ET) that will use the same conference line with PIN 008762.

The Agenda for the EM-TC is as follows:
1.  Attendance
2.  Meeting notes from 2/16
3.  CAP 1.2 - Vote for Committee Draft and to begin 15-day review.
4.  Status of HAVE re recent list posts
5.  Subcommittee Reports

I apologize in advance for having to conduct the meeting during a 
plane change.  If I am a few minutes late, please review the draft 
meeting notes from 2/16/09 for approval and be prepared to vote on 
CAP 1.2 with the changes we agreed to on the last call.  Jacob has 
posted the draft.

Thank you,

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