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Subject: Groups - EDXL-HAVE-Basics-WhitePaper-06Oct09-r14 (EDXL-HAVE-Basics-WhitePaper-06Oct09-r14.doc) uploaded

In collaboration with Sukumar, I have prepared a HAVE "Basics" white paper
for your consideration. This is a draft and your comments and suggestions
are much appreciated. Please feel free to edit with changes enabled and we
will review and incorporate.  The paper refers to a zip file of examples. 
I will upload the zip file separately in just a moment.  Please feel free
to validate these examples and contribute any suggestions.  The overall
goal is to provide a complete single download file with everything needed
to make adoption of HAVE easy, including documentation (the spec and this
white paper), correct examples (including the cleaned-up one from the spec
and all the examples from this white paper), and all schemas needed to
validate (including HAVE, DE, xPIL and geo-oasis:where).  Thanks in advance
for your review and inputs.

 -- Jeff Waters

The document named EDXL-HAVE-Basics-WhitePaper-06Oct09-r14
(EDXL-HAVE-Basics-WhitePaper-06Oct09-r14.doc) has been submitted by Jeff
Waters to the OASIS Emergency Management TC document repository.

Document Description:
This paper provides a basic introduction to the EDXL HAVE, one of the
important OASIS EDXL standards for emergency management and response. The
EDXL HAVE provides a convenient and flexible solution for reporting the
status of medical facilities in six major categories: (1) Organization
Information; (2) Emergency Department Status; (3) Hospital Bed Capacity
Status; (4) Service Coverage Status; (5) Hospital Facility Status; and (6)
Hospital Resource Status.  With these categories, any medical facility can
provide key information for ensuring victims of an emergency are routed
most efficiently and effectively to the appropriate facility.  By using
EDXL HAVE, medical facilities provide a great service to their communities
to save lives and ensure timely emergency response.

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-OASIS Open Administration

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