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Subject: RE: [emergency] Groups - =?UTF-8?Q?HAVE=5FExamples=5Fver=35=20=28HAVE=5FE?==?UTF-8?Q?xamples=5Fver=35=2Ezip=29=20uploaded?=

This is a great idea - sorta mini-IEPD ; -)
I'd love to add the CAM templates and Excel spreadsheet of dictionary to this package too.  We also have a blueprint for EDXL done now in CAM - will generate a EDXL exchange from the dictionary automatically. 
I'm just finishing up the 1.7.1 release of CAM tools here - so as soon as I have that done - I'll work on some examples for you to consider and share those.
Once you have the final ZIP file to the Emergency TC documents repository - then I can link to it from the NIEM tools page I've setup on the CAM wiki - http://wiki.oasis-open.org/cam/NIEM_Tools_and_CAM
BTW - another action item to consider - I see emergency has a wiki - but not added any content yet...
Thanks, DW
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [emergency] Groups - HAVE_Examples_ver5
(HAVE_Examples_ver5.zip) uploaded
From: jeff.waters@navy.mil
Date: Fri, March 05, 2010 5:50 am
To: emergency@lists.oasis-open.org

Sukumar and I have prepared a zip file containing HAVE examples and all the
schema needed to validate them. The zip file is referenced by and supports
the HAVE "Basics" white paper which I uploaded separately just a moment
ago. (The white paper is also included in this zip file.) The goal is to
provide a single download file with everything needed (documentation,
schemas, examples) to make it easy for a developer to understand and adopt
HAVE. All of the examples were designed to validate easily with the
schemas provided. You should just be able to download the file, unzip,
load any of the example xml files into your favorite xml editor and click
"validate". This is a draft concept and your feedback and suggestions are

-- Jeff Waters

The document named HAVE_Examples_ver5 (HAVE_Examples_ver5.zip) has been
submitted by Jeff Waters to the OASIS Emergency Management TC document

Document Description:
EDXL-HAVE Schema and Examples

The contents of this folder contain everything you need to
validate and explore the XML examples of the Emergency Data
Exchange Language - Hospital Availability Exchange(HAVE) Standard.
The contents include:

(1) The HAVE Schema, see edxl-have.xsd, and the Distribution Element (DE)
schema, see de.xsd.

(2) Other schema imported by the HAVE schema, including Geo-Oasis-Where
(geo-oasis.xsd) and Customer Information Quality (CIQ)
Party Information Language (xPIL.xsd)

(3) Schema needed by the imported schema

(4) The White Paper "The Hospital Availability Exchange (EDXL HAVE)
A Flexible and Convenient Way to Report the Status of Your
Medical Facility" (See

(5) All the xml examples from the White Paper Appendices, see the .xml
that begin "WP_Appendix...".

(6) The OASIS EDXL HAVE Specification itself, see
emergency_edxl_have_1.0-spec-os.pdf. Note that the example from
Appendix A
of the specification does not validate; however, a cleaned-up version
the example is in Appendix A of the White Paper and is one of the xml
examples included here (see WP_Appendix_A_Example.xml)

(7) Also one more very complete example of HAVE, see

With these materials, you should be able to load up any of the
examples into your favorite XML editor, validate them to confirm
they are consistent with the specification, and then explore.

View Document Details:

Download Document:

PLEASE NOTE: If the above links do not work for you, your email application
may be breaking the link into two pieces. You may be able to copy and paste
the entire link address into the address field of your web browser.

-OASIS Open Administration

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