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emergency message

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Subject: EIC Meeting Agenda and Instructions for Attendees

Please see note below from Don Ponikvar, Chair of 
the EIC with attached agenda (I presume the time is Eastern):

>The March meeting of the Emergency 
>Interoperability Consortium will take place at 
>2:00-4:00 pm on Wednesday 17 March.  The 
>face-to-face portion will occur at the Farragut 
>Office Center, located at 1725 I (Eye) St NW, 
>Washington, DC.  That is very near the Farragut West Metro station.
>Note that for those who cannot attend in person, 
>this meeting will be conducted entirely via 
>Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007.  The 
>attached agenda includes a website for you to 
>register for the webinar in advance of the 
>meeting.  There is not a dial-in conference line 
>this time for meeting attendees (make sure your 
>computer has functional speakers).
>Please RSVP to Tom Fahy, the EIC Secretary, if 
>you plan to participate or have comments 
>regarding the agenda.  We need a head count for 
>refreshments at the face-to-face portion.  Tom’s 
>e-mail address is on the attached agenda.
>The guest speakers at this meeting represent the 
>EAS-CAP Industry Group (ECIG), and the Emergency 
>Information Infrastructure Project.  The speaker bios are provided below:
>·         Mr. Price is a 30-year veteran in the 
>computer and communications industries. In 
>addition to leading the development team for 
>both the original Sage ENDEC and the new Sage 
>Digital ENDEC, he also wrote software for the 
>original EAS FCC trials in 1994. He has also 
>provided systems for use with the national 
>levels of EAS. He is on the Board of the EAS Cap 
>Industry Group, and is active in protocols and adoption of CAP with EAS.
>·         Mr. Wood has nearly 25 years of 
>experience as a software engineer, primarily in 
>the video broadcasting industry. His involvement 
>in EAS began in 2000. In 2004 he co-founded 
>Digital Alert Systems and designed the DASDEC 
>EAS Encoder/Decoder platform. Mr. Wood is an 
>active participant and board member of the EAS 
>Cap Industry Group, and is focused on the 
>engineering aspects of triggering EAS via CAP.
>·         Mr. Czarnecki is on the Board of 
>Directors of the EAS-CAP Industry Group, and 
>brings two decades of experience with 
>technology, public policy and regulatory issues 
>relating to telecommunications, broadcasting and 
>mass media. He is also Chairman of the 
>Distribution Working Group of the CAP EAS 
>Roadmap Coordinating Committee.  As Executive 
>Vice President with SpectraRep, he is 
>responsible for program development and 
>management, and is currently leading the firms 
>portfolio of mass notification and emergency 
>management solutions for Federal, state, local 
>and private sector partners.  He was involved in 
>the development of FEMA's Integrated Public 
>Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) from its 
>inception through 2009, including the 
>architecture and deployment of the Digital 
>Emergency Alert System (DEAS).  At the State and 
>local level, he has designed and implementation 
>of alert and warning, and continuity related 
>communications capabilities.  In 2007, he was 
>appointed by the FCC Commissioner to serve on 
>the Commercial Mobile Service Alert Advisory 
>Committee (CMSAAC), and was appointed to the 
>Alert Interface Group.  He has also been an 
>active participant since 2006 in the National 
>Center for Accessible Media's program for Access 
>to Emergency Alerts for People with 
>Disabilities.  He earned a Ph.D. from Georgetown 
>University in International Relations and 
>National Security Affairs, Masters and 
>Bachelor's degrees from St. John's University, 
>NY, and Certificates in International Finance 
>(Georgetown) and International Law and Diplomacy (St. John's).
>·         Amy Sebring, Vice President, Emergency 
>Information Infrastructure Project.  Amy Sebring 
>is the Technical Projects Coordinator for the 
>Emergency Information Infrastructure Project 
>(EIIP) and serves as Webmaster for EMForum.org. 
>She has previously served as an Emergency 
>Information Specialist with the City of Corpus 
>Christi, TX Office of Emergency Management. She 
>has also conducted regional planning activities 
>including the Coastal Bend Mitigation Action 
>Plan and the Corpus Christi Metropolitan Medical 
>Response (MMRS) Plan. She is active in the 
>Coastal Bend Emergency Management Association.  Contact: asebring@emforum.org
>We look forward to everyone’s participation at this meeting.
>Don Ponikvar
>Donald R. Ponikvar, PhD
>Emergency Interoperability Consortium
>Voice: 202-254-7530
>Fax:  202-254-7751
>Blackberry:  202-368-4922

EIC Mar 2010 Meeting Agenda.doc

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