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emergency message

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Subject: Fwd: Monthly EIC Meeting - Wednesday 21 April (this time WITH attachment)

>To EIC Members and Affiliates-
>The monthly membership meeting of the Emergency 
>Interoperability Consortium is scheduled for 
>Wednesday, 21 April, from 2:00 Ė 4:00 pm.  The 
>planned agenda is attached.  Please note that 
>there WILL be a face-to-face component of the 
>meeting (address is provided on the second page 
>of the agenda for those in the DC area who can 
>make the trek downtown), but we are also this 
>month repeating the LiveMeeting broadcast that we used last time.
>Donít forget that 2010 membership renewals are 
>due.  We will be enforcing the membership rules 
>more tightly in the future, so everyone is 
>encouraged to bring their membership up to date.
>If you have any questions, let me or Tom Fahy know.
>Don Ponikvar
>Donald R. Ponikvar, PhD
>Emergency Interoperability Consortium
>Voice: 202-254-7530
>Fax:  202-254-7751
>Blackberry:  202-368-4922

EIC Apr 2010 Meeting Agenda.doc

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