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emergency message

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Subject: Fwd: [Es-coordination] Announcement: Emergency Services Workshop 7

TC Members,

Are any of you planning to attend this workshop?  It seems we should 
have a presence here.

Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO, Warning Systems, Inc.

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>Subject: [Es-coordination] Announcement: Emergency Services Workshop 7
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>Dear colleagues,
>We're pleased to announce that registration is open for the seventh
>Emergency Services Workshop, to be held 11-13 May 2010, at the
>University of Maryland, in College Park, MD, USA.
>A registration link, as well as agenda and travel information, can be
>found on the ESW website:
>We invite talks of 30-60 minutes on topics related to IP emergency
>services, especially around the following topics:
>-- Standards development activities related to emergency communications
>-- Prototypes of standards-based IP emergency services
>-- Internet-based authority-to-citizen alerts and early warning
>-- Automatic IP geolocation technologies and deployment considerations
>-- Implementation and deployment of IP-based emergency calling systems
>Please send proposals for presentations to <esw-
>The Emergency Services Workshop series is an ongoing effort in the
>emergency services community to coordinate global standards and
>technologies for emergency calling and emergency notification. The
>primary focus of the workshop series is foster coordination among the
>many standards development organizations (SDOs) involved in emergency
>services as they all work toward a global solution for emergency
>communications using Internet technologies. In addition, the workshops
>try to bring in operational and regulatory perspectives on emergency
>services, so that these experiences and requirements can be
>incorporated into ongoing technical development processes.
>Participation is open  all stakeholders in the emergency
>communications system, including industry (e.g., equipment vendors or
>telecommunications companies) as well as government (e.g., regulatory
>bodies or emergency response  organizations).
>Thanks for your interest,
>The ESW Coordination Team
>Es-coordination mailing list

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