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emergency message

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Subject: Request for CS and OS Ballot for CAP 1.2

Dear Mary,

The EM-TC voted on 4/13/2010 to request a ballot for Committee 
Specification for CAP 1.2.  The 3rd Public Review period ended April 
8 with no comments submitted.  The meeting notes indicating a vote 
acknowledging there were no substantive changes as a result of PR03, 
a request for CS ballot, and a request to begin the OASIS Wide 
Standard vote can be found at


Committee draft 05 was approved prior to starting public review 03 
and as there were no changes as a result of PR03, we'd like to 
advance CD05 for the CS ballot.  The approval for CD05 took place 
during the March 02 meeting, here are the meeting notes


The CD05 document is in Word and is the editable authoritative version.


Please begin the ballot for Committee Specification for CAP 1.2 at 
your earliest convenience, the OASIS Standard vote request will 
follow later.  If there is anything additional you need, do not 
hesitate to contact me.

Elysa Jones, Chair

CTO Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102 office
256-694-8702 mobile

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