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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Groups - DEConformance.xls uploaded

Dear Sirs & Mesdames,
Attached is a comment spreadsheet for DE. While EAS is not currently being
worked on as a standard, both FEMA and the FCC have stated that this is
anticipated. Some of the points relate to an improved definition of EAS, but
others are more general.

It appears that there are three groups of standards developers working on
emergency management related XML standards. There is the FEMA-FCC-OASIS group,
the Oasis-fp6.org (European) group, and there is the IEEE 1512 group which is
more focused on Federal and State Justice Department developments for police
and ambulance Computer Aided Dispatch.

The Oasis-fp6 group has a significant proportion of European military
contractors as members, but the standard covers emergency management and
police operations. However there is not a developed alerting component
comparable to CAP or an improved EAS. It is particularly advanced in using an
XML based "multilingual dictionary" of terms and a graphical interface so
first responders can cooperate even if the teams and the management are all
using different languages. The transport of the TSO (Tactical Situation
Object) messages is currently using EDXL-DE 1.0

The IEEE 1512 group is very detailed in terms of police and traffic management
and ambulance dispatch. Also the message transaction protocol is detailed so
as to enable operation with computers in vehicles, where communication can be
problematic. Also the Internet in the public sense may not be available, only
digital vehicle or personal mobile radios. The XML "dictionary" also is
sometimes not only a list, but may include conditional items, that makes it
more complex than the Oasis-fp6 approach.

While it is not expected that the three groups would merge in the near future,
the interoperability of the three XML sets of applications would be
significantly improved if the three XML "dictionaries" could use the same
terms in a multilingual manner. Then protocol conversion applications become
considerably more practical. Provision for TSOs and IEEE 1512 messages to be
broadcast in the CAP Broadcast mode of an improved EAS is provided as specific
event codes, and EDXL-DE transport of them is also provided for.

The above is my opinion and suggestion. If some items in the attached comment
matrix reflect some lack of understanding on my part, I would appreciate the
information and/or correction.

Frank W. Bell

OASIS comment3 FBell.xls

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