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Subject: Fwd: For Review: Code List Metadata Requirements


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From: "Prakash, Akshai (US - Washington D.C.)" <aprakash@deloitte.com>
Date: May 7, 2010 11:36:33 AM EDT
To: "sallk@saic-dc.com" <sallk@saic-dc.com>, "'Duvall, Laura'" <Laura.Duvall@dhs.gov>, "'Schoonover, Lester G'" <lester.schoonover@dhs.gov>, "gary.ham@eyestreet.com" <gary.ham@eyestreet.com>, "'Hoang, Anthony'" <Anthony.Hoang@dhs.gov>, "dennis.huss@dhs.gov" <dennis.huss@dhs.gov>, "cole.wilson@associates.dhs.gov" <cole.wilson@associates.dhs.gov>, "akshai.prakash@associates.dhs.gov" <akshai.prakash@associates.dhs.gov>, "bwright@archsmart.net" <bwright@archsmart.net>, "KuppusamyA@saic-dc.com" <KuppusamyA@saic-dc.com>, "'CHENNAMARAJA, SRINIVAS R'" <SRINIVAS.Chennamaraja@dhs.gov>, "'TYREE, WILLIAM'" <william.tyree@dhs.gov>, "Jenkins, Suzanne K (US - Arlington)" <sjenkins@deloitte.com>, "kelly.fahey@dhs.gov" <kelly.fahey@dhs.gov>, "Nienhuis, Ryan (US - Washington D.C.)" <rynienhuis@deloitte.com>, "Nienhuis, Ryan<CTR>" <Ryan.Nienhuis@associates.dhs.gov>
Subject: For Review: Code List Metadata Requirements

All –
As you may remember, during our last meeting, I spoke about developing a list of code list metadata requirements on a level higher than what Bill W. had initially put together.  Attached is a list of these requirements where I pretty much leveraged Bill’s work and removed the “database-centric” representation of the code list metadata.  Please review this list with an implementation/representation agnostic mindset because the primary purpose of this effort is to have a standardized list of fields that DHS Components/HQ can implement as they choose depending on their individual code list management efforts.  I also plan on circulating this list to the NBAC and NTAC to see what they can leverage on the NIEM side.
Please review and provide comments no later than COB Friday, May 14, 2010.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Akshai Prakash
Technology Practice | Federal Services Group
Deloitte Consulting, LLP
1001 G Street, Suite 900 W, Washington DC 20001

Mobile: +1 202 527 2710 | Fax: +1 866 457 6393
aprakash@deloitte.com | www.deloitte.com


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Code List Metadata.xls

Gary Ham

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