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emergency message

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Subject: IBM Datapower XB60 support for ebXML v2.

Excited by this announcement - this really provides superb opportunities for better, secure information exchanges driven by partner profiles in XML, and also routing and distribution, such as for emergency management applications.

We pioneered that for NIH 4+ years ago now - good to see IBM bringing this to mainstream - especially given that several key government agencies have already invested in their technology platform - and therefore could provide trusted secure SOA hub services for downstream service providers to integrate through.


WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB60 enhancements include
Updated B2B protocol support with the addition of ebMS v2.0
B2B interoperability through the completion of Drummond Group 1Q2010 AS2 certification
Support for Active/Passive meta-store failover (HA)
Support for multi-step processing in the B2B Gateway Service


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