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Subject: Face to Face


I was able to put together some “video” use cases that I uploaded to the TC site.  This is done using our “Collaborative Story Development Kit”, which is essentially a whiteboard on a table with a camera mounted over the ceiling.  In these I did straight video, but normally folks collaborate around these kits and draw out ideas and still images are taken periodically which are later stitched into a video.  Usually about 1 hour of collaborating is captured in a few minutes of video. 


I think this would be a very effective tool to use for folks to present their DE use cases for a few reasons:

1.       The reason I did it was that I didn’t think slides / diagrams would have been effective

2.       I have formal use case diagrams, but they are so complex, I don’t think anyone would get much out of them

3.       We can break up into smaller groups and reconvene to present and discuss with each other for more effective use of time


I was able to book a much better room for us at MITRE (same location), the Senior Engagement room, which gives us more space and some additional tools to work on this important work.  I also went ahead and reserved four of these kits along with the MITRE staff to support facilitation / taking the still images, etc. so we can use this effective tool.


If you get a chance watch the videos!  They are only about 2 min each and have my voicetrack talking through our cases.


Don McGarry

The MITRE Corp.

Office: 315-838-2669

Cell: 703-595-9375



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