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emergency message

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Subject: EDXL-DE 2.0 Conformance section - for the F2F ?



I noticed in the issues list of the Excel spreadsheet (see link below), there was a sheet tab listed as "DE Conformance" but it had nothing there at the moment. Is this to be worked out at the face to face?


As copied over from the EDXL-HAVE Conformance section and modified for EDXL-DE - perhaps this to start?








 The two following conformance targets are defined in order to support the specification of conformance to this standard:


 a) EDXL-DE Message;


 b) EDXL-DE Message Producer.


 An EDXL-DE Message is an XML 1.0 document whose syntax and semantics are specified in this standard. An EDXL-DE Message Producer is a software entity that produces EDXL-DE messages.


 NOTE – There is no conformance target corresponding to the consumers of EDXL-DE messages because this standard does not specify any requirements that apply specifically to them.





 An XML 1.0 document is a conforming EDXL-DE Message if and only if:


 a) it is valid according to the schema located at http://docs.oasis-open.org/emergency/edxl-de/v1.0/ (NO SCHEMA STILL??); and


 b) the content of its elements and the values of its attributes meet all the additional mandatory requirements specified in section 3.




 A software entity is a conforming EDXL-HAVE Report Producer if and only if:


 it is constructed in such a way that any XML document produced by it and present in a place in which a conforming EDXL-DE Message is expected (based on contextual information) is indeed a conforming EDXL-DE Message according to this standard.


 The condition in (1) above can be satisfied in many different ways. Here are some examples of possible



 • a standard protocol EDXL-DE transfers messages carrying a CAP message payload; a client has sent a request for an EDXL-DE message to a server which claims to be a conforming EDXL-DE Message Producer, and has received a response which is therefore expected to carry a conforming EDXL-DE Message;


 • a local test environment has been set up, and the application under test (which claims to be a conforming EDXL-DE Message Producer) has the ability to produce a EDXL-DE message and write it to a file in a directory in response to a request coming from the testing tool; the testing tool has sent many requests to the application under test and is now verifying all the files present in the directory, which is expected to contain only conforming EDXL-DE Message;


 • an EDXL-DE Message is attached to an email message which, according to a prior agreement between sender and recipients, is expected to carry a conforming EDXL-DE Message as an attachment;


 • an EDXL-DE Message has been published at a location on the World Wide Web from where it can be retrieved by an authorized person by using the HTTP protocol, and the producer has created the expectation that that location will contain a conforming EDXL-DE Message.



Timothy D. Gilmore | SAIC

Sr. Test Engineer | ILPSG | NIMS Support Center |


phone: 606.274.2063 | fax: 606.274.2025

mobile: 606.219.7882 | email: gilmoret@us.saic.com 

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Subject: [emergency-if] Groups - EDXL-DE 2.0 Issues List (EDXL-DE-2.0-IssuesList_v1.0.0.xls) uploaded



Updated this based on our discussion today WRT separation of content

description vs. overall description.  Closed my issues relating to

combining everything in the DE header.


 -- Mr. Donald McGarry


The document revision named EDXL-DE 2.0 Issues List

(EDXL-DE-2.0-IssuesList_v1.0.0.xls) has been submitted by Mr. Donald

McGarry to the EM Infrastructure Framework SC document repository.  This

document is revision #5 of EDXL-DE-2.0-IssuesList_v1.0.0.xls.


Document Description:



View Document Details:



Download Document: 




This document is revision #5 of EDXL-DE-2.0-IssuesList_v1.0.0.xls.  The

document details page referenced above will show the complete revision




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-OASIS Open Administration

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