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emergency message

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Subject: Sensing emergencies research


Thanks, DW


System That Senses Danger
Deccan Herald (07/27/10) 

Louisiana State University researchers S S Iyengar and Supratik Mukhopadhyay have developed the Cognitive Information Management Shell (CIM Shell), an intelligent disaster and accident management system that can be applied to a wide range of disaster and security scenarios. CIM Shell records the events that lead to disasters, compares them with a database of similar previous events to create a common operation picture, and acts on the information to prevent or predict a disaster. CIM Shell involves multiple sensors and distributed databases that constantly detect and store events, which can be cross-checked against a database of past events. "In order to achieve what we call the 'goal' (successful prediction or prevention), the AI, or artificial intelligence, autonomously and continuously adjusts parameters in system rules to bolster the accuracy of the result," Iyengar says. The researchers say the system uses human-readable declarative language for defining rules and goals, which enables sophisticated user interfaces to be developed as a layer on top of the declarative configuration language.
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