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Subject: Open Source EDXL Libaries - Update


Version 1.1 of our Open Source EDXL Libraries called “EDXL Sharp” is now publicly available!

Here is the URL to our site:




Version 1.1 includes the following updates / additions:

·         Added support for Serialization of EDXL-DE 1.0

o   Serialization is done with the System.Xml.Serialization serializer - NOT the WCF DataContract Serializer

o   This means that to use the DE in an WCF Environment add the XmlSerializerFormat attribute to your service contract interface

·         Various Bugfixes and improvements

·         Added the EDXLSharp GUI Test Application

·         Updated the Installer

·         Replaced CAP 1.2 Committee Draft Schema with Final Schema

·         Added more documentation


The wiki documentation covers getting started, reading and writing messages, as well as the full source code and a downloadable installer.

We also have a full set of valid and complete examples for all of the EDXL standards in XML form for reference.


In addition we have posted a public beta of version 2.0 which includes the following:

·         Library for a profile of the OASIS CIQ / xPIL standard for use with EDXL

·         Library for a stable alpha version of EDXL-HAVE 2.0

·         Library for EDXL-HAVE 1.0

·         Library for EDXL-RM 1.0

·         Library for the GeoOASIS Where Profile of GML

·         Library for a stable alpha version of EDXL-TEP


Please feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions you may have.


Don McGarry

The MITRE Corp.

Office: 315-838-2669

Cell: 703-595-9375



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