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Subject: Re: [emergency] IPAWS Profile Question

> I had though that only CAP messages of <scope> ="Public" could be IPAWS Profile compatible.

The IPAWS Profile's intended audience is public alerts.  The original requirements doc from FEMA did have some stuff related to Private messaging which was the source of some contentious discussion.  This was due to the lack of a defined addressing scheme for CAP and the role that EDXL-DE should instead play in being used for Private or Restricted messaging.  To preserve some flexibility, I recall the decision was to add to the various IPAWS implementation guides that "Messages with a value other than Public may be ignored".  The ECIG guide for instance says that "EAS messages will be aired only if the scope is Public".  So its certainly possible for someone to use the IPAWS Profile for Private messages, but they run the risk of everyone ignoring them.  Really, why muddy the waters, if some of the elements of the Profile are needed in a private message like SAME event/geo codes, just use them and don't bother to declare it as IPAWS compliant with a <code> value, so there is n
 o misunderstanding.

> It was recently pointed out to me that the public pronouncement in the IPAWS Profile spec only applies to the <info> block, to wit:  " All <info> blocks SHALL be appropriate for immediate public release."

This statement speaks to <effective> and <onset> times and how they will be ignored as the message is to go out immediately and not be queued by IPAWS devices.


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