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emergency message

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Subject: Response to ISO/TC 223/WG 3


You may recall that our EM-TC has been asked to respond to a proposed 
work that ISO is considering as a new work item in the emergency 
management space.  A group of our members has reviewed what 
was  posted and agree with the drafted response shown below.

I have obtained permission to post the original document on our 
publicly available list for your review (previously it was only 
addressed to the group doing the initial review.)  You may read the 
material that can be found on our site in the contributions folder 
posted today.

The proposed response is shown below.  Since this will go forward as 
a position for our EM-TC, it will need to go through a 7-day 
electronic ballot.  Be prepared to discuss this topic on our EM-TC 
call Friday, October 15 11-12 ET.  Feel free to reply to this message 
with any suggestions or questions about the topic or the proposed response.

Thank you,

Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO, Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102


Dear Colleagues,

The OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information 
Standards) Emergency Management Technical Committee (EM-TC) members 
represent interests that include product and service providers in the 
emergency domain, US DHS Science &Technology Office of 
Interoperability and Compatibility (OIC), DHS/FEMA, National 
Information Exchange Model, NOAA National Weather Service, US DoD as 
well as Environment Canada, Canadian Association for Public Alert and 
Notification and various associations, consortiums, local emergency 
management offices.

We have subcommittees where much of our work is done to include the 
Infrastructure Framework, Message/Notification, Common Alerting 
Protocol (CAP), Hospital Availability Exchange (HAVE), CAP Profiles, 
GIS, and Reference Information Model (RIM) currently doing work.

Our technical committee was made aware of the TSO work several months 
ago.  Just recently has the proposed situation awareness work item 
been brought to our attention.  I appreciate Mr. Larson's request for 
our input.  We have reviewed what is being proposed as new work in 
ISO in the emergency management space.  Our findings are listed below:

1.  The Tactical Situation Object (TSO) and the EDXL-DE (Emergency 
Data Exchange Language Distribution Element) will be required 
Standards for the proposed work.  We are delighted that the EDXL-DE 
is being considered for this or other relevant work.  However, we 
would like to make the community aware that since the 1.0 version of 
the DE Standard was ratified, much has been learned by field 
experience.  Our infrastructure framework subcommittee is working on 
a draft of the 2.0 version to be out later this year for 60-day 
review.  We recommend that if this work is approved, the group 
anticipate and plan for the newest version of the DE.

2.  The EM-TC has ratified Standards for EDXL-RM (resource messaging) 
which uses resource typing based on the US National Incident 
Management System (NIMS).  We would like to see the resource typing 
elements aligned with the TSO code list.

3.  There appears to be quite a bit of duplication in the proposed 
work with the EDXL-RM as well as the EDXL-Situation Reporting 
(Sit-Rep).  The Sit-Rep work began over a year ago in our Committee 
after requirements definition for many months prior to that.  It is 
scheduled for release in Committee Draft form before the end of this 
year for 60-day public review.

We would recommend that the EM-TC Standards (RM, HAVE) and the new 
work Sit-Rep be reviewed for duplication of effort.

It is our hope that the populations of the world can be better 
prepared and able to respond to disasters with the help of data 
standards to facilitate software and system interoperability.


Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO, Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102

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