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Subject: Fwd: [sahana-discuss] Fwd: [Person Finder] PFIF discussion list


Cheers Gavin

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From: Mark Prutsalis <globaliist@gmail.com>
Date: 20 October 2010 7:20:29 AM NZDT
Subject: [sahana-discuss] Fwd: [Person Finder] PFIF discussion list

FYI - Subscribe if you are interested.

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Subject: [Person Finder] PFIF discussion list
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:56:31 -0700
From: Ka-Ping Yee <kpy@google.com>
Reply-To: personfinder@googlegroups.com
To: personfinder@googlegroups.com

Hi all,

I've started a mailing list for discussing the PFIF standard.  I've received several good suggestions for improvement and would like to propose some incremental changes for the next version of PFIF.

I welcome your input.  In particular, if you build systems that export, import, or otherwise work with PFIF, please join.  The mailing list will be the best way to anticipate and influence changes to PFIF so we can all keep our systems working together well.


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