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emergency message

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Subject: NO EM-TC Meeting today - please read this note


I am not going to be available for the meeting today and after 
checking with our SC chairs/co-chairs, it appears that much of our 
leadership is also unavailable.

Please take this hour to review the very important geospatial 
information that Carl Reed posted to the list.  We will need to make 
a decision about how we want to proceed with our EDXL suite of 
standards.  Post any comments to the list for further discussion.  Be 
sure to participate in upcoming GIS SC meeting Nov 19 for further 
dialog.  I would like the GIS SC to make a recommendation to the 
EM-TC after that meeting.  If sufficient dialog has occurred the TC 
should be ready to make a decision at either the 11/23 or 12/7 meeting.

Thank you all for your continued support of the EM Standards work.

Kind regards,

Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO, Warning Systems, Inc.

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