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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-ms] updating X.1303 - Common Alerting Protocol

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your note informing us of the Q4/17 interest in 
advancing the .1303 to align with CAP 1.2.  I  appreciate any updates 
you or additional information/schedule/etc from your meeting next month.

Kind regards,

Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO Warning Systems, Inc.

At 11:23 AM 11/16/2010, Tony Rutkowski wrote:
>Dear OASIS colleagues,
>The following note/information from the ITU-T
>Q4/17 rapporteur group which is meeting in
>Geneva in three weeks may be of interest.
>We'll keep you updated as this work proceeds.
>tony rutkowski (ITU-T Q4/17 rapporteur)
>>Dear colleagues,
>>As you may be aware, Q4 is responsible for
>>the Common Alerting Protocol standard in
>>cooperation with OASIS.  X.1303 (09/2007)
>>is equivalent to OASIS CAP 1.1 - with the
>>added feature of an ASN.1 module.
>>OASIS revised the specification and the
>>1.2 version was balloted and adopted in
>>July 2010.  See attached.  So X.1303
>>needs to be updated based on the new
>>It would be especially useful to know
>>if our resident ASN.1 experts in Q12
>>are available to revise the corresponding
>>CAP ASN.1 module in clause 8.3 of X.1303.
>>CAP is now being extensively used worldwide
>>by user communities and national authorities.
>>Many EU countries, China and the US have
>>been especially active.  The ITU-T also has
>>a close working relationship with WMO in
>>providing for CAP implementations, and Q12
>>and Q4 have a joint OID ARC that is available
>>with the associated Rec. X.alerting.
>>It is important for Q4/17 to progress this
>>work at our upcoming meeting while we await
>>for the formal liaison statement to slowwwwly
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