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emergency message

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Subject: Upcoming important meetings/topics


The Holiday season is fast approaching and there are a two specific topic I would like to bring to your attention and address as a TC before Thanksgiving:

1)  The GIS SC will be meeting tomorrow (11/19) to discuss the different options for geospatial referencing across all our EDXL work.  Carl did an excellent job summarizing these options in a post to the list 11/8/2010.  He also posted the latest version of the requirements that the SC has developed given all the input received from comment periods, field use, demonstrations, etc.  Please review the posted material and be available for the call 11/19 12-1ET to provide your input to this important topic.  Call in details can be found on the GIS-SC Kavi calendar.  The SC will make a recommendation to the EM-TC which will be considered and if we are ready, voted on at our meeting next Tues 11/23. 

2)  CAP 1.2.  Last spring when we were getting close to finalizing CAP 1.2, we had some informal conversations with ITU-T users of Recommendation 1303 (the equivalent to CAP 1.1 plus Errata).  It was my understanding that the ITU-T community would wait for CAP 2.0 to align.  However, I now understand from Tony Rutkowski (ITU-T Q4/17 rapporteur and OASIS member) that they will be moving in this direction at their upcoming meeting in December while they await the formal liaison statement.  The genesis of that statement is an agreement among the EM-TC members to begin that process on the OASIS side.  I would like for us to consider this topic at our EM-TC meeting on Tues 11/23, 12-1 ET - details posted in Kavi. 

Thank you all for what you do to further the Standards work in the important work of emergency management. 

Kind regards,

Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO, Wanring Systems, Inc.

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