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emergency message

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Subject: Updated Event List for EM

Hi Everyone,


Below is an updated “Emergency Management Event List” for review.  Hopefully, I captured most of the recently suggested events.  I’m happy to discuss any of these events (or others) during the Adoption call today at noon.    


Kind regards, Jane



List of events for review:


March 24

Canadian Event TBA

**Pending more information


April 6-7

CAP Implementation Workshop

Geneva, Switzerland



May 8-11

ISCRAM Conference

Lisbon, Portugal


**Working to submit a poster presentation proposal for review.


June 12-15

NFPA Conference and Expo 

Boston, MA   



June 18-23

NENA Annual Conference& Trade Show     

Minneapolis, MN



July 12

Annual Hazards Workshop

Broomfield, Colorado



August 12-16

NEMA Annual Conference    

Des Moines, IA        



August 23-25

The NIEM 2011 National Training Event (NTE)

Philadelphia, PA


** Possible second Emergency Interoperability Summit


Fall of 2011


TBD Location



November 12-17

IAEM 59th Annual Conference & EMEX 2011        

Las Vegas, NV         


**A separate note will follow regarding an Interoperability demonstration at IAEM.


December 5-8

Fourth National Voice Interoperability Workshop

Victoria, British Columbia


**Possible OASIS/CITIG Interoperability demonstration


January 10-13 -- 2012

Consumer Electronics Show

Las Vegas, NV


** Note from Mike Gerber:   There is lots of press there and a variety of ways you can draw large crowds to your booth.  I've been the front person at the NWS booth for the past three years.  Hopefully, FEMA IPAWS will be there next year as well.  It is common for CES to have a large booth populated by vendors who are members of a larger organization.  For example, small to medium size vendors associated with one of the smart home technology associations were all under the same booth.


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