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emergency message

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Subject: EDXL feeds

Dear OASIS EM members,

During its Jan. 21, 2011 call, the EMA-TC has decided to setup an
inventory of EDXL-feeds and has tasked me with collecting info about
such feeds, and in particular CAP-feeds.

We'd greatly appreciate your feedback with any knowledge you may have
about data feeds, live or not, and other resources that can be used to
support testing of the EDXL Standards. Among the bits of interest are:
location/access, access and usage constraints, ownership, coverage,
limitations, rating by user community, support, ...

Do not hesitate to include resources that you believe "everybody" knows
- we can handle duplicates, but dealing with resources we don't know
about, is beyond our abilities.

Thanks for your help!
Werner Joerg
EMA-TC, co-chair

(801) 619-6126 O
(801) 557-7160 M

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