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emergency message

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Subject: FW: Drafted Invite for the EM Domain Track Discussion


Please see the note below from Denis Gusty 
regarding the planning for the NIEM Training 
Event where a joint OASIS Interop Demonstration is being planned.

Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO, Warning Systems, Inc.

>Please join us for a preliminary discussion on a 
>proposed Emergency Management (EM) Domain track 
>for the National Information Exchange Model 
>(NIEM) Training Event scheduled for August 
>23rd-25th.  This will be an opportunity to 
>discuss possible content, including 
>presentations and panels, designed to inform the 
>audience on efforts related to the EM 
>Domain.  You have been identified as someone who 
>may be able to offer input on this opportunity 
>and/or serve as a presenter or panelist.  The 
>discussion will be led by me (DHS Science and 
>Technology Directorate Office for 
>Interoperability and Compatibility) and Scott 
>Shoup from the FEMA Information Technology Enterprise Architecture Office.
>Purpose:  To discuss the concept of an EM Domain 
>track as part of the NIEM training event.
>-          Understanding of the NIEM training event submission process
>-          Ideas for content for a proposed EM Domain track
>-          List of potential presenters and panelists
>Dial-in Information:
>1-866-738-2235; Pin:  994-292-2472
>Elysa Jones, would pass on to other OASIS members…thanks!
>Don Ponikvar, would you pass on to the EIC members…thanks!
>Denis A. Gusty, PMP ™
>Program Manager
>Homeland Security Enterprise and First Responder Group
>U.S. Department of Homeland Security
>Science and Technology
>202-254-5647 tel
>202-302-2919 cel

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