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emergency message

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Subject: OASIS common types, CIQ and SF update


We conducted our call today with the following members.  The recent postings by Robin Covers was noted, but these are not the actual templates to be used as expected.  Werner Joerg has the action to check with Robin on target date.


At the moment, we are using the template that Jeff had started with in order to move forward with the content.  Once the formal templates are received we’ll have to port over the content. 


The group reviewed the status of each of the deliverables.  Request that all members please review available drafts and provide either comments or your “OK”.


1.       Jeff:  CIQ draft was posted for review early this morning.

2.       Jeff: Common Types draft has been published for review and was discussed on the previous call.

3.       Lew:  Gml SimpleFeatures document and profile is targeted for draft distribution and review by the end of this week


SitReps outstanding items:

1.       Don:  All examples are ready except “remarks” and “estimated” are still to be added with select elements.

2.       Rob T. agreed to work development of the ICS 209 example this week.


Rob T.

Don M.

Lew L.

Tim G.

Rex B.

Tom F.

Werner J.



Tim Grapes


(703) 304-4829

"A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week"

- General Patton


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