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emergency message

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Subject: CAP Profile SC - Australia CAP Profile



In case you missed our EM-TC meeting this past Tues, I wanted to inform you of some work we agreed to undertake.  Our minutes will reflect that we reviewed and discussed the request for assistance provided to us from our new member Greg Trott of the Australian Government.  The request is posted to the list and defines a need for an Australian profile for CAP which would be similar to the Canadian CAP profile.  We agreed that this work (Tasks 1&3) did fit within our charter and that we would accept it as a work product.  In addition we agreed to activate the CAP Profiles Subcommittee for the purpose of doing this work.  


This is an exciting time for CAP as we prepare for the CAP Implementation Workshop next week at the WMO in Geneva co-hosted by OASIS.  There has been tremendous uptake in the use of CAP world-wide.  I am glad to see that the TC agreed to take on this work.  Several members indicated an interest in participating in the SC during our call.  If you would like to be a part of this SC, please take the time now to join the group.  Our CAP Profiles SC chair, Sukumar Dwarkanath, will call the first meeting to be held next Friday April 8.  We are planning for a time such that those in Geneva will be able to attend as well as US and Canadian members that have expressed an interest.  The times for regular meetings after this kick-off will be discussed on the SC list as well as during the first meeting of the group. 


Warm regards,


Elysa Jones, Chair



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