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Subject: CAP Workshop


Greetings from Geneva where we have wrapped up the implementers workshop on the CAP at the WMO.  It has been a wonderful event with great presentations on how many different countries are considering, prototyping and planning for the use of CAP.  The presentations can be linked to from the work plan at  http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/www/ISS/Meetings/WIS-CAP_Geneva2011/DocPlan.html


There is a lot we can do to aid in their understanding of CAP and its use but WOW, what an exciting time!  Many thanks to our members Norm Paulsen, Herb White and Greg Trott for their presentations.  There are not thanks enough for Eliot Christian and what he has done to champion CAP throughout the world. 


You will be hearing more on our upcoming calls as we identify the best ways to guide these many countries and businesses in their imlementations.




Elysa Jones, Chair



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